Countdown to Launch

It’s been a long winter/spring. I expected when I dropped off the Airstream in January that it would be back to me in 2 months. Silly me. Fingers crossed it comes home this weekend and I leave a week from today. No stars were in alignment to get this work done. Insurance haggling, bad parts, snowed in body worker (at Jackson Center, no less), and I presume a slew of customers who had priority, whereas I did not?

I’ve read similar posts online from other frustrated Airstream owners that they can’t get their rig into the shop and can’t get it out. Apparently there is a severe shortage of qualified Airstream body workers. And of course, as too many of us know, Airstream skin tends to crumble when bumped and worse when actually bonked. Add to that repairs on infrastructure systems (covered by extended warranty) and other odds and ends, apparently it takes nearly 5 months.

I’ve been lucky to have a place to stay with a friend (which is why I came to this Airstream dealer). I’ve been extremely productive while here – finishing writing the first draft of a novel and starting several other writing projects. I made some personal gains in self-improvement and overall, feel ready to get back on the road.

First major destination is Chicago for 2 weeks. Taking in a Cubs game, hanging out with a lifelong friend, and enjoying myself in some different scenery. Then on to Wisconsin! I will be camp host at Highland Ridge Campground – an Army Corp of Engineers site in Spring Valley. I’m really looking forward to the experience. Stop in and spend a night if you find your self in NW Wisconsin.

This nomadic life is a lot of fun, sometimes stressful and lonely, and always an adventure. I’m looking forward to spending more time in fewer locations this year. Less driving, more experiences. I invite you to come along.

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