Texas Spring Wildflowers

I knew there was a reason I was still in Texas. Yes, my repairs to the Airstream are taking for-ever! But my delay is my gain because it is blooming season and the famed Texas Hill Country wildflowers are in full bloom. What a show. No wonder First Lady, Ladybird Johnson made it her mission to preserve their beauty. I’ve seen lots of wildflowers around the country. This is truly special.

I drove the backroads around Johnson City to be able to stop and get photos. And I do mean backroads – farm roads that sometimes turned into one lane, if that, fording streams, marked with lots of signs warning of flooding and markers to see the depth up to 5 feet! Fortunately, I only had to drive through about 3 inches of water on only a couple of these “bridges.” The area is filled with ranches, state park land, wineries, and distilleries. Back roads means less traffic and more safe stopping for me!

The wildflowers have a dedicated following. There are many guidebooks on the subject. Austin hosts the center for Wildflowers and hosts many events and gardening forums, and there is a trail you can follow up near Marble Falls state park, which I did not get to. I took a very leisurely Sunday drive in brilliant sunshine, a day after rainstorms. The bloom was in full color. Enjoy!

Ranch Life
Streams overflowing
Iconic Texas Ranch
Armadillo…Everything is Bigger in Texas!

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