This site is a travel blog, its a commentary on social justice, and its a discussion of personal transformation – it’s coast to coast and then some. All three are dimensions of my life. Maybe you will come only for the travel pics and following the Airstream Adventure. That’s cool. Maybe you know my commitment to social justice and want to read my latest insights, actions, and assessment. Feel free to brows the travel pics too. Intrigued by the possibility of personal transformation? You are in the right place. I would never have gotten on the road without it. I’m interested in what other people think, what they have to say. I’ve learned to listen and hold space for people’s positions – even if they differ from my own. While on the road, I want to know how other people see our current world and what they think about issues that relate to social justice.

My Airstream is both a studio and place to live. The miles I travel are an unending source of inspiration and information. I enjoy writing and sharing with the world. All are welcome here as long as these rules are followed:

  • civility in discourse is required, comments encouraged
  • no spam allowed
  • feel free to share the site but no excerpts are allowed without attribution