My kind of town, Chicago is… My hometown is special. I never tire of it. Though I can’t take the winters anymore, I love visiting in the summer. If you plan to go anytime soon, bring your mosquito repellent and lots of it. The never ending spring rains have spawned an unending legion of hungry skeeters. I stayed at the Big Rock campground (Kane County Forrest Preserves). Lovely place, though cell phone coverage is spotty and it’s Water/Electric only. A free dump station is on site. It’s quiet, there are trails, and never full. Picnic tables included along with the birds and fire rings.

My visit was grand. I got to go see a night game at Wrigley and see the Cubs play the Cardinals. Always a great thing! My first night game there. While I prefer the tradition of day games, this was fun too. Plus, no mosquitos! I think that Lake Michigan breeze keeps them away. Bonus – they flew the W that night and everybody got to sing Go Cubs Go!

I also had a chance to go to the South Side and take a tour of the Robie House. Frank Lloyd Wright created this prairie house style home on the edge of the University of Chicago campus. It sits just a few blocks from the 1893 Worlds Fair Exposition site. The Robie house recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and is looking fabulous.

Three car garage was ahead of it’s time
The front porch with cantilevered roof
low and long – horizontal design

The interior was stunning and quintessential Wright design.

80+ feet from stem to stern, constructed with steel beams. They don’t make these anymore.
Interior of the front porch “bow,” designed to resemble a ship, built with 45 degree angles. And the art glass…
The main living room space

The most magnificent piece was the dining table and chairs – a room within a room. It had been in storage for 50 years. It is making its debut this month as the new renovations are unveiled. I am so, so lucky. Can’t you imagine a dinner party in the early 1900s here?

complete with electric lamps and a servant buzzer

When we finished the tour, it was time for lunch. We found a vegan place in Hyde Park. It’s new, it’s amazing, and you must go there. Here is an opening day review. I hope they build a franchise immediately. Their proprietary “meat” blend is so delicious. And bonus – it’s not fake meat Beyond Burger or Impossible Burger. The “Who Betta” burger is to die for. This is plant based food for plant based eaters, though my non-vegan lunch companion thought it was excellent too. Support this local eatery – Yay!

This is the name of the restaurant – Can’t Believe it’s Not Meat, 1368 E 53rd Street, Chicago.

I’m headed to Wisconsin now for my Camp Host position. Stay tuned!

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