Surviving a Texas Winter and Upcoming Events

Warm Before The Storm

Wooooo, that was a cold snap! I spend the winter on the south Texas coast for a reason – I don’t want to have to deal with winter. Yet, it found me this year. We got caught up in that last winter storm that took the nation by storm. OMG it was cold. We had wind chill temps of about 15 here because the wind was blowing at gale strength. The actual temp went down to about 27 – still cold enough to get my attention. I grew up in Chicago, so I KNOW about cold winters. But I left Chicago as a teenager and moved to Florida. I have no resiliency for winter in me anymore. I am weak and I know it. Don’t hate.

When you live in an RV, temps matter. Unless you have an insulated hose, you disconnect from city water. At least I do. I don’t need to lose my hose or have my freshwater intake freeze. My onboard tanks, including freshwater, are heated by my furnace. I made sure my propane tanks were full, had gas in the truck, and had food on the shelves. In Texas, you never know if the power will go out and that means nothing is open and you can’t buy anything unless you have cash. Had that too. Last year during the really big winter storm, the power was out here for a week according to my neighbors who were here. Water was off too. I was snuggled up in Seattle in my apartment. A silver lining of sorts, due to the pandemic. This year we had 48 hours of near-freezing weather. Between me and the outside sit two sheets of aluminum separated by a thin layer of insulation. I have a very good propane-fueled furnace, a blanket and comforter on the bed, and assorted throws to keep my legs warm when typing at my desk watching videos. I also have hoody flannel PJs. Best gift ever!

I don’t like weather extremes – high winds, freezing temps, over 100 temps, tornados, and I’ve been through them all in this Airstream. Not built for it. It’s why I chase good weather, though sometimes I have to go through the bad to get to the good. As the reels song goes, “can we skip to the good stuff?” I feel like a trapped animal in weather extremes. I’m very much into flight. Hopefully, I’ll have sunny days ahead. Today is wonderful – 64 and sunny with an expected low of 48. Yes!

In other news…coming up this month (February 2022) is the launch of my second book – Finding Her Happiness. I’m really excited to let this one loose in the world. It’s fun, suspenseful, and gives all the characters a chance to shine. I like domestic suspense as the way to build the heroine’s journey. I’ll announce it here when it’s released on Amazon. If you want to delve into Book 1 in my series, Socialites and Suffragettes, you want to look for No Time For Regrets on Amazon. I am planning to do a book sale for it timed with the release of the next one, so watch for it! I also wrote a character study of my heroine’s love interest. You can read that for free on my author website at It’s called: The Man She Loves – A Novelette. Click the link to get to it on that page.

I enjoy writing fiction and hope you enjoy reading it. It’s an amazing process and one I had no idea I would ever experience. It’s good to look for what will keep you motivated and happy in Retirement. I wrote an article about redefining retirement for Travel Awaits. Click on the link to read it. I’ve added my bio page to the tab on this blog site. I write a lot of travel articles and can’t keep up with individual links anymore. I’ll do a post about groups of them – RV, sections of the country, and anything else I write. It keeps me off the streets. BTW – the cover photo is the local traffic I see out of my window. My life is good.

Talk again soon 🙂


  1. Robyn, I love catching up with your adventures by reading your blog. I am looking forward to your next book. I am a fan of historical fiction. Hope we run into you when you pass through Illinois later this year. Until then stay safe and healthy.
    Mark and Karin Vilmin


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