Bon Voyage, Seattle. Hello USA

Deception Pass

It’s official! I’m back on the road come the middle of August. In just days I’ll move back into my beloved Airstream and begin the process of hitting the road. I’m pretty excited!

Moving out of this apartment where I took shelter from the pandemic is a great relief. I’ve been in a 12 month holding pattern. I’ve done quite a few things to enjoy my time here and I do love the PNW. I will miss my family a great deal. I’ll see them next spring/summer if not before. Moving can be challenging. Thankfully, as a confirmed tiny-house resident, I don’t have much stuff. I continue to purge as I pack things for the move out/in. For example, I have a suitcase of occasional clothes – scarves, fancy clothes, and Cubs t-shirts mainly. I went through them and decided that if in 3 years I hadn’t worn it once, it would be given away. I couldn’t part with the scarves. They hold lovely memories of buying them on Canal Street in NYC, in Hong Kong, and received as gifts. They stay. Older “work clothes” went by the wayside. If I go somewhere that needs some fancy clothes that exceeds what’s in my suitcase, I’ll hit up a store. Those still exist, right? I’m purging paper and consolidating plastic tubs of miscellaneous stuff. It’s amazing how easy it is to let go when space and weight dictate your decision making. Everyone should live in an RV when they’re ready to purge but can’t pull the trigger.

I reflected the other day on the time before I came to WA. Those really scary days in March 2020 when the world started falling apart. I felt like I was playing musical chairs as campgrounds closed. I hunkered down in parks for months at a time until things got a little safer in the summer and I started making my way to my new home. It’s different now – I’m fully vaccinated. As long as I have propane and a pantry of food I don’t have to interact with anyone. I don’t think parks will close again. If things get that bad, I’ll transition.

Mt. Rainier in Winter

I’ll miss western WA. I love seeing the mountains and especially Mount Rainier. The scenery is breathtaking, the smell of pine is ever present, and I love the views of Puget Sound with the ocean nearby. I won’t miss the mess of pine sap on my vehicle, the incredibly short days in winter, and the incredibly long days in summer – though next summer I’ll get another dose when I return. I don’t mind the rain and the winter is very tolerable though not as nice as the TX Gulf coast.

Here’s to new adventures, new places to stop and check out the scenery, and seeing dear friends and family that I left behind over a year ago. I look forward to those reunions. Meanwhile, Inky and I are ready to roll.

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