Onward! is my personal rallying cry. I use it when defeat is imminent and yet, I persist. Getting over a hump is huge. Don’t ever diminish your victories, no matter how small, mundane, or seemingly insignificant. Any accomplishment is worth noting!

In one of my previous posts I hemmed and hawed about staying in Seattle to get work done on the Airstream and delaying my departure from the PNW. I decided to stay. I’m happy to say I am now back on the road. It was a lengthy delay. I had to wait about 3 weeks for an appointment. I visited the Olympic Peninsula while waiting. Good tradeoff! I got a full solar system installed – woo hoo!! It allows me to boondock effortlessly. Wowza! I had other warranty issues to get repaired – and yes, if you buy a used RV you MUST get an extended warranty. Best investment ever! But repairs come slowly. Troubleshooting, getting in tight spots, dealing with the unexpected. Finally the day came to pick up the trailer. All hitched up and last thing is the safety check – get all the lights on, check the hook up, doors, etc. And the marker lights on the trailer won’t come on.

A day later and warranty repairs for my truck and non-warranty repairs for a short in the electrical wiring in the trailer and a bad 7 way plug…and I finally hit the road. You never know what will go wrong or go right. I left the fine folks at Airstream Northwest Adventures in the Seattle area (tell Stephanie in service I sent you!) and headed for the Oregon border on the east side of the state. Went through Yakima – the Palm Springs of Washington (their slogan, not mine), and landed in Umatilla, OR at the Columbia River marina. I think its a US Core of Engineers site – because there is a dam upstream. Also a  bridge rebuild is underway on the highway and none to soon. The old one looks pretty ragged. All in all a good nights sleep, slept in, and awoke to more rain. Did I mention my windows are leaking?

It’s all good. I am loving this journey and will cope with whatever or go broke trying! Heading to warmer climes and hopefully drier so I can get the roof and windows resealed.  And before you say it…I know you have multiple projects to attend to on your bricks and sticks dwellings. It’s all in the day’s work. Onward!

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