On Wisconsin…

Wisconsin is a gem. I knew that, but had forgotten it.

Wisconsin is idyllic. Rolling hills and forested land are dotted with open fields and cows and corn. It is beautiful. I rode the back roads to get to the campground. I was transported to the time when I was a kid and went to summer camp in Wisconsin. Warm days, cool nights, a lake to swim in, horses to ride, and lots of fun and games. It was the perfect respite for a city kid – at least that is what people thought. See some green and play outdoors. Of course I did that daily in Chicago. Swim in a lake – uh, doesn’t Lake Michigan count? See animals – like at the Brookfield zoo? I get what they meant, but I don’t think they got what it really means to be in Wisconsin.

I stayed at an off-the-beaten-path campground that came highly recommended. Owned for several generations by a family, the camp sites sit on a hill, so it’s breezy, enough trees, and a view. I stayed an extra night.

Inky likes the windows open in both the front and the back. Kitty TV is her fun. I was afraid the trailer was becoming too small for her. Afterfall there is back and there is forth. Not much more. Open windows help. I’m not sure what she’ll do if an animal is spotted like a deer or a moose. Are there moose in Wisconsin?

There is Taliesin in Wisconsin. I’m a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and am a student of urban architecture. Wright, famous for his Prairie Style housing, built with nature, not on top of it. I’ve been to Taliesin West, the Oak Park studio/home, Falling Water, and The Guggenheim. I think this place in Wisconsin is my favorite. Scroll over the photos for captions.

Interesting to me is the Buddhist influence and representation in the Asian art collection. This is a small sampling of the many statues throughout the house and grounds.

Well worth the trip to Spring Garden, WI

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