Who Goes to Chicago…In an Airstream?

I do, I do! My friend said something like, “who goes from big city to big city in an Airstream? That’s not what it’s for!” I disagree with love. It is how I want to use my Airstream. I’m at the edge of Metro Chicago, 20 minutes from the Metra train end-of-the-line station in Aurora. I can get downtown in 90 minutes from Big Rock park (thank you Kane County!). My view for the week:

IMG_1903It’s a forest preserve. And the photo doesn’t do it justice. The branches rustle in the wind and sway back and forth. Sometimes the sound rises up and is like a soundtrack. Other times it is barely noticeable. The greens are deep except for the new leaves that are lighter in color at the ends of branches. These trees just grow. They aren’t cut to allow for electrical or phone lines or to keep them away from a house. They are free to grow as tall and wide as they can.

I get to see this from my windows or sitting outside. It is majesty in motion. And I know I can get to the city and plan to go experience all I know it holds as well. I get the best of both worlds. And the Cubs are in town this week…

I did take a walk on the trail and ran into a couple locals – young bucks who ran back into the prairie as soon as they saw me. Too quick for me to take a photo. I did enjoy the black-eyed Susans and these – maybe Queen Ann’s Lace? IMG_1914

It really is a beautiful spot here. Close enough to stores and stuff so it is handy for a long stay, but far enough removed to be quiet and serene.

Distance also means weak cell signal and no regular wi-fi. I’m installing a WeBoost antenna and hoping it works so my cell signal is stronger and can power the computer easily. Workarounds are a way of life now.

I’ve also noticed that my vacation mode is fading. I’m starting to realize there is no job to go back to and that there are hours to fill. Mainly this is a brain training issue. My days were filled with stress, multi-tasking, strategizing, dealing with a variety of people and issues, and all the other stuff that goes along with a full-time job. Now that’s gone. I have new stressors, but they are fleeting. I have time to read, to write, to listen to a ball game, to walk, to just enjoy. And my brain says, I need to be busy and do, do, do. This tussle will pass and just noticing it makes it easier.

I did get downtown. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. As Eddy Vedder sings – If you haven’t been [to Wrigley Field] I feel sorry for you.

And I met some really nice people during my stay at this campground – another female, solo traveler in an Airstream – newer at this than I am!, and a lovely couple from a nearby town having a weekend escape. They helped me with some issues where I needed extra hands, a ladder, and some expertise. Plus it’s fun to just sit and chat with folks. All in all, a very good week!

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