Sweet Home Chicago!

She’s here and she is awesome. 2010 Flying Cloud – 25 foot, Front Bedroom. ALL MINE.

We went on our first camping trip last weekend to Hanna Park in Jacksonville, FL. She performed like a champ and I enjoyed two blissful nights in the new digs.

Fortunately the weather was perfect – not too hot during the day, lots of shade, and cool at night. Used the AC on the second night to keep smoke from a campfire that was outside my window from smoking up the place. I did not locate the trailer in the optimum spot on my site. I’ll do better next time. Got the stove working, all the hookups functioned, and it was everything I wanted and then some.

Driving to and from was challenging, but very manageable. Had one hiccup on the ride home and I’ll leave that story for another time. The experience was fantastic and I know I am going to love living on the road.

My trepidation right now is figuring out where to stay every night as I go from point to point. I need low cost and I want high impact experience. I can’t determine if I need to wing it or have some stops along the way. I watched some videos on YouTube by a solo woman traveler and nearly every night she stays in a Walmart parking lot. That is not what I got an Airstream for. I can see it for an emergency or in a pinch if you didn’t get as far as you expected or needed to save a buck. But I am not going to be a regular in the parking lots of America. I suspect on this first trip I will try to find locations ahead of time in order to have some peace of mind and budget properly.

Bottom line – I want to get out on the road! 5 weeks and counting.

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