Plans Change

Two years ago I planned for a trip to France. It didn’t happen. Other things got in the way, but in the end, it’s all good.

I’ve kept traveling, but only on short trips – Chicago for a baseball game, and then, THE WORLD SERIES! Yeah, that was really awesome!!

Made a few trips to the beach to see the Atlantic ocean – so peaceful.

Have added Austin, TX to the rotation of places to visit and have come to love the place.

I have even found beauty in Orlando, my current home base. 100s of lakes in the city, all shapes and sizes. IMG_0064

While staying put, I’ve found time for new pastimes – temp tattoos and training.

While short trips are fun, I need some extended travel. I’m taking off for the Big Apple soon for a week of city exploring!!

But the biggest news, drum roll please, is that in summer 2018 I’ll be hitting the road full time. Me, Inky, and a silver bullet on wheels. Stay tuned…!!

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