Rattlesnake Lake, WA – A Hidden Gem

I have to be intentional about spending time outdoors while my Airstream remains in the service center. A few more weeks and the makeover will be finished. Meanwhile, I’ve been driving up to Rattlesnake Lake, just outside North Bend, WA, to take walks, reflect, and get fresh air. It’s a beautiful place. Despite being a popular location, I rarely see people on the path. Many people who come are hikers and head out to the Ridge trail, going up, up, up to hike across the top of Rattlesnake Ridge. I stay at lake level on the asphalt path and enjoy the scenery, level walking surface, and a bench at the halfway mark for me. I’m benefitting physically and these walks are great for my mental health!

I have set up some intentions on how to spend my time – being outdoors, walking, and being mindful. These walks are a 3-fer! I get inspiration from this time in nature and that keeps me going on days when the news is filled with sadness. I read that being in nature is helpful in easing anxiety. I agree. I think the Japanese have popularized this by coining the term “forest bathing.”

Here are some photos I’ve taken. The weather has been cool with mostly overcast skies in the morning. I love mist in the trees and fog on the side of the ridge. So pretty. Enjoy the pics!

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