We Are Where We Are

I Am Where I Am

It’s unchartered territory, isn’t it? I keep looking for a map and there isn’t one for being where I am. Of course I am not talking about geographic space. I know where I am on the physical plane. It’s the emotional plane that is challenging to find.

It’s ok to feel whatever you are feeling

Some days I’m overwhelmed with sadness at the death and upending of life during this pandemic. It’s ok to feel whatever I am feeling.

I give myself permission to feel and acknowledge what I am feeling, I can let it run in the background. I don’t have to fight it and struggle with it and it doesn’t dominate.

Things are different in a pandemic.

For people who travel and do it with an RV, these are very challenging times. I have friends who can’t move because they can’t find parks to stay at if they do. Some states have quarantine requirements if you come into the state. I had plans and reservations. They are all upended now. And that’s what happens in a pandemic. Things are different right now and that is just what’s so. I don’t have to like it, but I can accept that it is what it is.

In the RV forums online there are calls for volunteers in National Forests and other national lands that stayed open. Why are volunteers needed? Because people are visiting and trashing the places. People pretend like they never heard of pack it out as a standard for being in the wilderness. They just leave their trash everywhere, including pit toilets and overflowing dumpsters. Sigh. Most national parks are still closed, through some, like Bryce Canyon have opened for day visitors. Some state parks never closed to camping – like here in Kansas.

I’m so ready to get on the road and know I probably will have very limited travel this summer. I’ll see how things go. I’m due in Texas in December, so I’ve got time to figure this out. If I could wave my magic wand I would go back to Lake Superior. It might be doable.

I’m safe and secure right now. I have income and access to groceries. I can determine what level of contact with people is right for me because I don’t have to go to a job. I have it really good compared to some people and I am grateful for that every day. If I feel happy and grateful, it does not diminish my concern for others. I can have concerns and be happy in my own life at the same time. It has taken some effort on my part to reconcile that. That’s where I am on the map.

People are many different ways. Be you.

I’ve learned in this pandemic that people need space to be whatever they are being in that moment – angry, sad, triggered, short tempered, oblivious, grateful, compassionate, worried, confused, in denial, and so forth. We are human and it comes in lots of different varieties. Take a trip to the grocery story and you’ll probably run into all of those! Here’s my words of wisdom.

  1. I hope you are healthy and well
  2. I hope you are coping and thriving
  3. Be whatever you are being and accept that. It’s ok.
  4. Be who you truly want to be, despite the pandemic. If you don’t know who that is, take it on to determine it.
  5. Ignore any and all of what I say. I’m saying this more for me than for you. But if my sharing helps you in some way, then I am glad for that. If it doesn’t, there’s nothing wrong with you or me.

I practice being present in the moment. Here are the baby birds in the tree under which my Airstream is parked. It makes me happy 🙂 Have no fear, the mama robin was nearby.

Baby robin with mottled feathers and coloring. Red breast is just coming out
Look inside the red circle. The baby has its camo on 🙂

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  1. Hi, I hope your “Reply” works, I don’t know if mine does. I cannot figure out how to make an official blog. I enjoyed reading what you wrote. You sound like me, I live in the moments of Life, they are usually different. I used to be free in a little Toyota with a camper shell over the bed and I lived on different quiet streets in Santa Barbara, CA. Loved it, went to school, to the park, to the ocean, to the little bookstore that isn’t there any more. I don’t know where I am going either….Life is a mystery. I live in the forest now in an old trailer, but I have enough food, warmth, shelter, peace and joy as well as all the lesser feelings. It would be nice to live with others who all cared about each other and the top priority for everyone was to make sure everyone in the “tribe” was happy and felt loved, respected and fulfilled. I miss the “hunter gatherer days”
    I wish you a wonderful life.


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