Waiting It Out or the New Normal?

Texas sunset before I left

I hope all my friends, family and other readers are safe, well, and finding ways to manage your life during these pandemic times. I know many people are anxious – to get out of the house, to resume their normal activities, and to travel. I know I am! I have a scheduled grocery pick up today and I am beyond excited. I hope that is not the new normal.

I wrote a post today (not yet published) for the Alt-NPS blog on how our National Parks are healing during this pandemic. Animals are coming out and traveling all over the parks including the campgrounds and visitor areas. The National Parks Service has webcams and virtual tours to help you explore and visit the parks while you are at home. This gives us an unexpected opportunity to rethink how we use the parks, curbing crowds, and healing the environment. Let’s use that gift.

Meanwhile, I’m experiencing the last gasps of winter here in Kansas City. I escaped Texas because it was getting too hot to be out in an open parking lot, even if it was a full hookup situation. My AC can only handle so much and I really hate using it. I would rather be in cooler climates. But here we are experiencing freezing temps (brrrr) and there was a prediction for snow tonight (since modified to a balmy 34 degrees). I’m ready for 70 degrees please!

I’m passing the time just like everyone else – staying away from people, traveling as little as possible in my car, and finding new meals to feed myself. I’m tired of cooking (I’m not ready to trust take out yet). I miss people. But I’m safe and well, so I will take that along with the less desirable circumstances.

Hope you are managing in these challenging times no matter where you find yourself and under whatever circumstances are present. I’m hopeful we will find a new normal that is a little less draconian and a little less harsh on our environment than our old way of doing things.

Cheers and Love

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  1. Good to see your face. And especially good to hear you are doing well. Today in Illinois we are experiencing snow, a few inches, but it is not sticking to the roads or sidewalks. We do not have access to the storage lot where we keep our camper, but we hope to get him at least in the driveway soon so we can prepare for what little camping may get done this year. Stay well and stay safe.
    Karin and Mark Vilmin
    Sugar Grove IL


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