Roads I’ve Taken

I follow a blog called In the Net that recently posted pictures of roads and the author said – I like taking pictures of roads. I realize I do too. The imagery of a road used to leave me with the impression that something is waiting for me and I want to go find it. Now my impression is that the road is leading me to adventure and I am just he person who will find it. Subtle difference, but believe me, it’s important. I’ve found what I want in myself and now I bring myself along to enjoy whatever new is out there.

Roads sometimes are framing things or showing the destination. Sometimes a road is seemingly endless. Being a solo traveler, sometimes It’s easier to grab a pick from my dashboard mounted phone!

So I thought I would follow In the Net’s lead and post my pics of roads. What do you see in them? What does the imagery bring to mind for you? Please share in the comments!

I’ll lead off with my favorite road pic – on I-90 east of Seattle.

Hope the road comes up to meet ya, follow your road, take the road less traveled, all roads lead to Rome. Find yours.

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  1. Your lead photo: Being a Floridian, I never tire of seeing the clouds from above as they lie waiting for the day to begin, or of their slow move to and from their resting place in the valleys, much like a child reluctantly meandering up the staircase to bed or down to breakfast before catching that bus. Thanks

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