What Do I Spend My Time Doing?

I don’t have any new travels to report on. I’m parked, loving it, and doing what everyone else does – live life. For me that means writing. I’ve been posting more story articles on Medium.com and writing articles for TravelAwaits.com. And yes, I’m finishing the edits on my novel, Ruth, and planning a spring to early summer publication date!

Otherwise I have been spending time enjoying the sights and sounds of the bay water, holing up inside when rainy days come or marine fog envelops us, and doing normal things like grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and binge watching Netflix. Inky enjoys stalking the many birds and lazing about.

I’ve been using some of my “parked” time to consider rearranging the contents of my Airstream. Sometimes I put things in places that aren’t ideal but I leave them there out of habit. When those decisions start piling up, it’s time to reconfigure and find better use of cabinets to keep my space uncluttered and feeling efficient. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a neat freak. But even I have some standard of orderliness I must command in my tiny house space.

I did put up some new artwork – grocery totes. I started collecting totes that are kitschy or provide a nice visual of a place I enjoyed. Because they are so light, they are easy to hang in the Airstream and give me daily reminders of my travels. If I need a bag, I always have one handy.

I’m grateful to be here in South Texas where the weather is very mild, the ocean breeze is near constant, and the skies are mostly blue. Another month at this location and I’m in no hurry. Hope wherever you are is enjoyable. If you are suffering in the snow and cold, keep in mind that March is nearly upon us. Sort of. Glad I’m not you, lol.

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