Next Chapter…

Last vestiges of summer

What a wonderful experience I’ve had this summer being a camp host in Wisconsin. But all good things must end and I’m moving on. I’m really excited about my next adventure which includes moving away from this cold weather and heading south! Thank you to the Army Corps of Engineers Rangers at the Eau Galle Recreation Area and Highland Ridge Campground. Nicest folks you could want to meet and spend the summer with!

I lived for many years in Kansas City, MO and will stop there for a few weeks to visit friends and family, enjoy the great restaurants, and take in the amazing fall colors. Then I keep heading south.

I know that the travel posters, instagram-ers, and bloggers with Airstreams usually put forth an image of wild, outdoor adventures – climbing mountains, fording streams, kayaking, hiking, snapping pics of bears and moose. All of that is great, but it’s not my adventure. I’m really more of a curator of destinations. I have visited many of the most iconic Frank Lloyd Wright sites – several from my Airstream. Visiting civil rights sites in the AL, MS, and LA area will come in November. I toured the Texas Hill Country this past winter/spring, including the LBJ Ranch. On my way to KCMO I will visit four of Louis Sullivan’s Jewel Boxes in MN and IA. To me, that’s a great adventure – exploring these places that have social, political, and historical meaning.

I like to get a sense of the area that surrounds my curated destinations. I poke around, enjoy the scenery, and take in the local flavor. It may not lend itself to dramatic vistas and close encounters with wild animals, but for me, it is my motivation to carry on. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beautiful scenery and all the treasures of the western states and look forward to going back. For now, though, I’m following this path and I hope you stick with me for the journey! Let’s find some more Americana 🙂

On to the next adventure!

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