End of Summer

Labor Day is the traditional end of summer for many people, even though most schools are already back in session. The last big 3 day weekend for nearly all of us means one last chance to go to the beach, camp, hang out at the pool, or in the case of Florida, dodge a hurricane. Having lived in Florida for many years and gone through numerous hurricanes in late August including Andrew, I can make that joke. I’m hoping my many friends in the state are safe this weekend as a hurricane bears down. Floridians hope that the gulf stream will sweep the storm northward and away from shore. I don’t think this one is going to do that, unfortunately.

This has been a wonderful summer for me, hanging out in Wisconsin and enjoying being a camp host. I got to travel the state, fly to Denver and Orlando for fun trips, and currently am spending the last few days of summer in Chicago before heading back to the woods for September. I have lots of travel planned for the next few months before heading to my next camp host position in CA. Here is a sampling of my summer as it comes to a close. I hope all of you have memories made as you head into the next season. There is some kind of special moon this weekend and word is the aurora borealis may be visible in WI this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed that this spectacular phenomenon will appear for me to see!

Here’s my summer album. Hope yours is as memorable! Here comes Fall…

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  1. Robyne,
    It was great to see you this weekend and catch up on all your adventures. I can’t wait to see what this year brings you. Safe Travels.
    Mark and Karin

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