Rural Life

I’m having a little “out of city” experience, here in rural Wisconsin. I went into Minneapolis the other day to take a flight to Denver for the day. I had to quickly regain my urban senses to successfully navigate the terrains. I was surprisingly happy when I got back to my wooded retreat home. I’ve grown accustomed to the forested and rolling countryside. I’ll give you a sample.


The ubiquitous red barn is everywhere in Wisconsin. I haven’t seen any here with the quilt emblem, though. I’ll keep looking. To me a red barn is pure Americana.

Of course, with barns come cows…

These beauties are part of a heritage farm.


On 4th of July (or the closest Saturday to it), the locals bring a little parade through the campground. They play patriotic music, throw candy, wave, and have a genuinely good time. Not unlike DisneyWorld, if you suspend belief and embrace what is going on in front of you, it’s a good time. Although I have no idea what the viking wagon team is about. I did my part to add to the festivities. Though other campsites had more to offer!

It’s all part of small town living and community, including an Amish community of farmers. Their bakery makes homemade pies and jams along with breads. Yum!

Spring Valley


A little sample of the natural life. It’s become comforting and I am less annoyed by flying members of the community. My petunias are attracting the hummingbirds, but I have yet to be able to capture any in photos. I’ll keep trying.

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