Day Tripin’ part I: MLB

Enjoying spring in Texas means getting outdoors on a sunny day that chases the gray clouds away. I’m still waiting for repairs to get complete on my Airstream (it’s a process…), so I did an overnight road trip to experience two really fun activities.

First stop was Arlington, TX for Opening Day of Major League Baseball! I’m passionate about our national pastime and a ride or die Cubs fan. I have no interest in the Texas Rangers or the American League for that matter (I’m a baseball snob and the DH does not belong), but the Rangers were hosting the Cubs. Road Trip!!

The Ranger fans are dedicated, having gotten there early for tailgating that included music, tents, bar-b-que grills and all things Rangers. The Cubs have fans everywhere and I never felt alone at this game. Lots of Cubby blue, pinstripes and red C’s. Wearing an oppo cap in this setting was very safe.

The stadium is fairly new and very nice. It’s small enough that the crowd is intimately seated near the field, even the upper deck. Tons of food and drink sites, restrooms, and easy access to all levels. Opening Day is not a cheap ticket, especially with dynamic pricing that most teams have adopted. But the Rangers offered a $40 opportunity ticket for this game that was designated for standing room. I figured why not. I had a choice of either side of the mezzanine or in the outfield in the sun. I headed upstairs and found the range of spaces I was allowed to use. Believe me, this was the best $40 non-seat at an MLB game ever! There were picnic table seats behind me to sit down in between innings and plenty of railing to lean on to watch the game. Luckily, the Cubs were on fire and way ahead by the 7th inning. I had my choice of mezzanine seats for the last 3 frames as Ranger fans streamed out early. A great view, a “W,” Lester pitching, 2 Javi homers… that’s what baseball is all about. And #22 – Jason Heyward is my favorite current player.


  1. Oh man such fun. Mark and I are planning on heading out on our first camp since last fall, next weekend. We are excited to get out again. Let us know if your going to camp Big Rock IL again and maybe we can hook up.
    Safe travels


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