And, I’m still in Austin, TX

One thing I am learning about Airstream travel is that when you need body repairs, it takes a long time. It is a slow process to get insurance to approve the work, to get the repair facility to negotiate, and to get the parts. Then, the work takes a while as well. I’ll be staying here in Austin for a few more weeks at least. I don’t mind having the opportunity to stay in a house. It has its perks – no black tank!, no long travel days, no campground fees, full kitchen. My plans keep getting dialed back on the calendar or rather dialed forward. I’ll still do the Civil Rights Tour of the South, push the TX State Parks tour to Fall, and it’s all good!

The nice part about being parked in one place for several months is being able to work on projects that traveling makes difficult. When I’m not in constant motion and on alert driving and traveling, I can let my brain focus on writing projects and other things. I also get to spend time doing local things, going to events, taking in movies and doing meet-ups. Austin has many great parks and outdoor spaces. The cover photo is Lady Bird Lake on the Colorado River. And yes, that is the correct river name, but it is not the Colorado River that runs to the Grand Canyon. In fact, there are two Colorado Rivers in the continental USA. This one starts in west Texas and flows east. The other, more well-known one starts in the Rockies and flows west.

Austin has great, great places for eating and drinking – too numerous to mention them all. I tried a new (for me) place yesterday – ABGB – Austin Beer Garden Brewery. A couple I follow online – A Streamin’ Life hosted a meet-up. The full-time and want to be FT Airstream and RV community is quite large and there are many online “celebs” that tell their stories on YouTube. Steve and Courtney make great vids and are really nice people.

I have to mention one of my quirky Austin favorite places where I had breakfast recently – Biscuits and Groovy is a food truck. I love it because they offer vegan versions of their menu items. Comfort food is good!! Plus, the one I go to is in a funky neighborhood. Of course you would see a poster of Childish Gambino – aka Don Glover.

Finally, I went to a real Austin hole in the wall near the capital. The Texas Chili Parlor. Yes, they have a vegetarian chili that is really tasty. This place is a “joint” with wooden floors, a down and dirty attitude, and boasts a legislative clientele of good ole’ boys. Lavaca and 15th.

I always miss Austin when I leave, but the great thing about having an Airstream is I can come back! And, yes – there is a horse and cowboy in the neighborhood where I stay…happy trails 🙂

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