Fear, bye!

Hello dear ones. I have not posted in a while. I’ve been visiting with family and enjoying that time. Not being on the road and covering miles is a nice change as well. Will be here for a while longer and soak up some more good family vibes! Thanks to my niece and her family for letting me dry camp for two weekends in her driveway. There is a serious shortage of campgrounds in this metro and the final weekends of summer had NO VACANCY everywhere. I jenga-ed reservations and am good until mid-September.

You know how you get an idea in your mind and if you don’t head it off it starts to take hold – like a pearl, adding layer after layer until it becomes really dominating! I’ve been wrestling that alligator here. Being a solo traveler has it’s advantages – I make all the decisions! and disadvantages – I make all the decisions!  I am faced with an issue, examine it, bounce the idea off myself, and then decide. Only in this case I have not been able to decide. The question is – what’s/where’s next?

Having the entire country open to me is daunting because there are endless options. I do have concerns about mountains and winter weather and want to get south in a timely manner. Is that by end of September, October? Should I go through California, Utah, back the way I came on I-90? I have no clue. I need repairs and some extra gear on this Airstream and that means finding a dealer where I can get an appointment – which can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks. I couldn’t get in at the dealer here unless I wanted to stay another 2 weeks.

All this indecision has festered, leaving me in doubt. Doubt creates more indecision and then I make up fears that all of this is going badly and I can’t do it. I know that is just a meaning I’ve created and is not real. Here is a meaning I acknowledge and give life to – I love the path I’ve chosen and look forward to seeing where it takes me.

It’s really that simple – choose a meaning and live into it. All the rest is made up too, so I choose not to be at its effect.

In between all this dithering, I have been able to see some wonderful sights, enjoy the tall trees, and finally – smoke free air! These first pics are where the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers join. A lovely campground with some really nice river access.

Snoqualmie is a place that embraces railroad history. They have a number of cars and steam engines from the early 1900s sitting in their rail yard undergoing refurbishing. There is a railroad museum that chronicles timber railroads. And the tourist attraction is the steam train that goes between North Bend and Snoqualmie on summer weekends. Here’s a peek at what they have stored in the rail yard.

Some final thoughts – savor moments, no matter how small. There is beauty everywhere. Take time to see it. Banish the fear, because it is just a thought that you can reject. Enjoy and love your life.




  1. Stay an extra two weeks and get the Airstream fixed that way you can get it over and done with, then back to traveling.
    My brother-in-law Craig is staying in Tucson this this winter. He has a small RV.
    You are a fabulous writer!!! Must of been those great teachers (no joke) we had back at good ole PBHS!


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