O Pioneer Woman!

It’s what I hoped for and nothing like I expected. I thought it would be endless fun and adventure. Instead it includes sweaty, hard work, troubleshooting malfunctions, figuring things out and how to fix it, and so forth. I am a Pioneer Woman without the horses.

But let’s get to the good stuff first. Sunrise and sunset.

I am experiencing beauty and having fun.

Well, the pioneers had to get their chores done and so do I. Did you know that the Airstream waste system is self-contained? Yep. It’s a privy on wheels that has to be maintained. Otherwise it will smell, back up, and cause aggravation. And it’s yucky. Do you know what happens in 98 degree weather in a baking Airstream? You don’t want to know and neither do I and yet I have to face this clog problem. It seems to be a common one in RV life and there are remedies. Some easy, some requiring professional assistance. I’m praying the home remedies will work.

Pioneers also have to get themselves clean and I have two options. Military shower in the Airstream or longer shower with better water pressure in the campground shower/bathhouse. Where I’m staying there are private, lockable showers that are very, very clean. I like that. I don’t like after the weekend of heavy use there are a zillion moths in the facility! Moths of all sizes, darting about, always herkey-jerkey acting like they are desperate to escape. I have nothing against moths. I just don’t want them in my shower. I close my eyes and pretend I’m somewhere else or they aren’t there.

You wilderness survivalists are laughing right now, asking me, “What did you expect when you signed up for camping life?” I feel like Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin – “where are the campgrounds with condos?” I like the great outdoors – from a distance, viewed from the comfort of my camp chair or through my panoramic windows. I envisioned driving my Airstream from place to place enjoying the view with minimal engagement. But like the pioneers, it takes a whole lot of sweat and effort to get from place to place and even to maintain camp. I’m not afraid of hard work. I just prefer to have things go smoothly and easily. I prefer to not have surprises or unexpected problems. Yes, if you own a home, you have things to fix and unexpected issues. It’s part of life. I just thought I was past all that, lol. I want Inky’s life!



  1. I read that first sentence and knew we would be following this adventure…and perhaps sharing a sunset somewhere down the road…look for us in Airstream 2626. Al & Patty


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