Train Travel To Chicago


I have no idea what day it is. Holidays and massive travel will do that to you. But I’m where I need to be!

Boarded a bus in Seattle and took it to Everett, WA. Apparently a landslide blocked the tracks. Everett is a nice town about an hour north of Seattle. Got a nice pic of the Seattle City Hall and then the Everett train station.

IMG_4735 IMG_4739

Unfortunately, Amtrak timed it so that we passed through Glacier National Park overnight, so no pics šŸ˜¦

I did snap a few in Western Washington – Snoqualmie National Forrest, then eastern Montana, North Dakota (first time there!), Minnesota, Wisconsin, and FINALLY – Chicago. 50 hours on a train was enough for me. I enjoyed it, but Amtrak needs to beef up its quality to win me over. Airplane sized bathrooms on a 2 day trip are more than inconvenient. But it is fun to meet new people and watch the beauty of the USA pass by.


Back in Chicago – have been having a blast with my life-long friend, Missy. We grew up together, went to grade school together, and even after I moved to FL for HS, we maintained our friendship šŸ™‚ Enjoyed Day 1 and 2 shopping, seeing the Xmas lights, eating at Ditka’s and Lou Malnati’s Chicago Deep Dish Pizza (Oh!), and taking Lyft all over downtown (hey, it’s below freezing – that requires a ride!).

IMG_4886 IMG_4889 IMG_4890IMG_4893

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